BMW S63 Upgraded DI Injectors

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WHP potential on gasoline:
1300 WHP* (Calculated assuming 24 MPa fuel pressure and 328 g/(kW/hr) BSFC)
WHP potential on E85:
975 WHP* (Calculated assuming 24 MPa fuel pressure and 328 g/(kW/hr) BSFC)
Flow Rate:
20.2 g/s @ 100 bar
Flow rate increase over stock S63TU (EU5) Injector:
Flow rate increase over stock S63TU2 (EU6) injector:
Max Operating Pressure:
250bar / 25MPa / 3625psi
Tune requirement:
Recommended Tuning Suite:
MHD (Bootmod3 coming soon!)

What sets Nostrum apart:

  • +31% higher flow than stock S63TU (EU5) M5/M6 <20.2 g/sec vs 15.4 g/sec> 
  • +59% higher flow than stock S63TU2 (EU6) X5M/X6M <20.2 g/sec vs 12.7 g/sec> 
  • Direct Fit, no harness or spacers required 
  • OEM decoupling rings pre-installed 
  • Ethanol Compatible 
  • OEM comparable spray pattern 
  • Every injector is tested statically and dynamically to ensure best quality product and set batching 
  • Includes comprehensive installation

You asked and we listened – upgraded injectors for the S63 have arrived! While most people use M5 injectors in other platforms as an upgrade, the M5 owners were left with very little option to get more fuel into their engines without having to rely on sketchy port or meth injection systems. Flowing 31% more than the stock M5 EU5 injectors and a 250bar operating pressure capability, the Nostrum S63 injectors are the answer. We estimate that these injectors will flow enough to support up to 1300 wheel horsepower - without supplemental fueling!

Inside the box, you will find everything you need to get your new injectors installed quickly, including pre-installed decoupling rings and detailed installation instructions for a high quality install. When you are ready to tune, we have injector tuning data available for your dealer or tuner. Being that everything is installed like a factory part, there’s no need to worry about secondary injection controllers, filling meth tanks, clogged meth injectors, or any of the other complex solutions people use to squeeze more power out of these vehicles. Additionally, these injectors are operating with all the OEM DME’s diagnostics and safety functions intact – resulting in a much happier and responsive system!

Covered by Nostrum’s limited lifetime warranty, you can rest easy knowing we are here to support you every step of the way. We have customer service and calibration engineers on staff to provide you with any support that you may need, from install to tuning. Tuning guides are available for your dealer or tuner, or we can help set you up with a tuner if you don’t already have one!

Verified vehicle application list: 
  • 2013-2017 BMW M5
  • 2012-2018 BMW M6
  • 2015-2019 BMW X5 M
  • 2015-2019 BMW X6 M
Certified tuner: 

David Shoup Tuning


Dyno graph sponsorship results:

*Horsepower and Torque numbers are approximate and can vary significantly depending on numerous factors including what supporting upgrades are done to the vehicle, ambient temperature, elevation, road surface, tire selection & condition, fuel octane and quality, vehicle weight, and more.  The advertised numbers herein are based on optimal conditions and utilizing proper supporting modifications.  Your results may vary.

Frequently ask questions:

Q: Will these also fit an N55/S55?

A: Yes, but they are batched in sets of 8. For sets of 6, see: N55/S55 Stage 3 injectors

Q: I see a lot of mentions about OEM equivalent spray patterns. What does that mean and why is it important?

A: The spray pattern of an injector (the spray geometry and its mass distribution) is designed to optimally interact with an engine air flow inside the combustion chamber to improve fuel evaporation and create a homogenous air-fuel mixture that results in a higher combustion quality. The combustion quality directly impacts the vehicle’s cold start performance, idle stability, overall drivability, NVH, knock propensity, soot and other constituent tailpipe emissions.  

The spray pattern is specific for each engine application. Installing an injector from another engine model, inevitably makes the spray distribution’s interaction with the air flow inside the combustion chamber sub optimal. This typically results in improper mixture formation leading to cold start and drivability issues, engine misfires, increased knock propensity and soot. Additionally, the wrong spray pattern can result in liquid fuel impinging in the cylinder walls, causing oil dilution and thereby increasing mechanical wear to engine components. 


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