Liqui-Moly Fuel System Cleaner LM2030 500ml Can

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Contains a highly effective combination of cleaning and treatment additives for all gasoline injection systems such as K, KE, L-Jetronic and similar systems. Removes deposits on injection valves, intake valves, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber and prevents them from reforming. Improves engine running and optimizes the exhaust gas values. Eliminates start problems and rough engine running. Maintains and protects the entire fuel system from wear, deposits and corrosion. Clean engines need less fuel and reduce emissions.


  • cleans fuel residues from and treats the injector system and components of the fuel system after repairs on the fuel system
  • removes carbon and other deposits from fuel distributors and injector valves - effective on all injector systems
  • precise injector dosage and atomization
  • secures optimum driveability and low fuel consumption
  • guarantees low levels of pollutants in the exhaust
  • increases operational reliability and economy


  • guarantees low fuel consumption
  • increases operational reliability
  • removes carbon deposits from the intake valves and in the combustion chamber
  • reduces pollutant emissions


To be added directly into the fuel tank. As a preventive measure, add during each inspection, after repairs on the fuel system and after each Jet-Clean cleaning operation. The product mixes with the fuel automatically. Minimum fuel filling of 7 gal. is requested for optimum product performance. Contents of can sufficient for max. 17.5 gal (70 liters) of fuel.

About Liqui Moly

All Liqui Moly products are created by close solidarity with the automotive, two-wheel and commercial vehicle industry. That's why Liqui Moly solutions are always on par with state-of-the-art technologies and sometimes even a good distance ahead. The recipes for Liqui Moly high-tech products are largely based on our own developments, that we continuously test and develop. The Liqui Moly full range, with more than 4,000 products, offers you lubricants, additives, car care products and chemical repair tools with integrated use guarantee.

LIQUI MOLY offers the matching motor oil for every vehicle in the world. Liqui Moly engine oils have a variety of approvals by German and overseas car manufacturers or fulfill the requirements of the producers. And, even here, there are still differences: A manufacturer approval means that the oil fulfills certain minimum requirements. But Liqui Moly goes beyond those requirements and develop oils that, for example, have a higher cleaning performance than what is required by the manufacturer.

The fact that Liqui Moly products shine, and, with a high level of innovation, deliver what they promise, is confirmed again and again by independent testing institutions, in which we regularly pass with flying colors. Approvals by the automotive industry and the fulfilling of the highest specifications are also a matter of course.

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