2.3 Ecoboost Mustang Stage 1 Plus Bundle

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Car Manufacturer:
Max Operating Pressure:
240 bar
Tune requirement:
Recommended Tuning Suite:
HP Tuners
HPFP Flow increase over stock:
Injector Flow increase over stock:
HPFP Geometric displacement:
1.524 cc/rev
Injector flow rate:
19.7 g/s @ 100 bar

Key differentiating features:

  • High Pressure Fuel Pump - fully welded, stainless-steel construction (37% flow increase over stock pump for the application)  
  • E85 compatible  
  • Pump kit includes accessories needed for installation including flange, low pressure fuel line, high pressure fuel tube, flange installation tool 
  • 4x drop in batched injectors 
  • Install Guide (tuning guide available) 
  • Batched injector data sheet 

Unlock some of your Ecoboost Mustang’s hidden potential with Nostrum's Stage 1 fuel system! Including our upgraded Ecoboost injectors and a Standard Bore Plus HPFP, this fuel system is designed to give your stock or FBO 2.3 as much fuel as it could ever need, without having to rely on meth or port injection! This is aimed for those who want to get the most out of their stock turbo!

Our upgraded injectors have been designed and tested to flow 22% more fuel than the stock 2.3 injectors. That additional fuel flow allows for a significant increase in horsepower, with proper tuning. We estimate that these injectors will flow enough fuel to make over 700 wheel horsepower, and have already fueled a few vehicles making more than 500 wheel horsepower - without the need for secondary injection!  

Take help you take full advantage of your new Nostrum injectors, we paired them with our Standard Bore Plus HPFP, which flows 37% more fuel than the stock pump. With a higher max operating pressure than our regular standard bore pump, and having a lower cost than the Big Bore pump, the Standard Bore Plus unlocks even more horsepower potential, and allows you to take full advantage of our high flow injectors! This is perfect for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their stock turbo, or run pump E85! That additional fuel flow allows for significant torque increases earlier in the rev range, and provide the injectors with all the fuel they need to make more peak horsepower, when properly tuned. It also saves you money versus buying these parts individually!

Going with a big turbo? Want to hurt some V8 owners feelings? You’re going to want the Stage 2 bundle!

Inside the box, you will find everything you need to get your new fuel system installed quickly, including all the hardware and accessories that you need, as well as detailed installation instructions. When you are ready to tune, we have tuning guides available for your dealer or tuner. Being that everything is installed like a factory part, there’s no need to worry about secondary injection controllers, filling meth tanks, clogged meth injectors, or any of the other complex solutions people use to squeeze more power out of these vehicles. Additionally, these injectors are operating with all the OEM ECU’s engine management system diagnostics and safety functions – resulting in a much happier and responsive system!  

Every Nostrum manufactured part is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Our products are comprehensive solutions that come complete with everything you need inside the box, including detailed installation instructions. Tuning guides are also available for your dealer or tuner. We have customer service and calibration engineers on staff to provide you with any support that you may need, from installation to tuning.

Why is injector spray pattern important?

While increasing flow rate is critical to making more horsepower, there are other factors to consider when choosing fuel system upgrades. A bigger injector isn’t always a better injector! It can flow a large volume of fuel at WOT, but if the spray pattern is poor, you can expect poor idle quality, poor drivability, increased knock propensity, soot, NVH (noise vibration harshness,) and tuning difficulty. Additionally, the wrong spray pattern can result in liquid fuel impinging in the cylinder walls, causing oil dilution, which increases mechanical wear to internal engine components.

Nostrum has invested significant time and resources into acquiring the equipment and machinery necessary to deliver an OEM level of quality on our injectors. Our spray patternation and arc flash machines (images below) give us an unparalleled look at how an OEM injector is designed and how it operates. Our engineers design and develop injectors to optimally interact with engine air flow inside the combustion chamber to improve fuel evaporation and create a homogenous air-fuel mixture that results in a higher combustion quality. For you, this means that you can expect our injectors to perform at their absolute best regardless of what you are asking from them, from daily driver duty to setting new ¼ mile records.



Vehicle application list: 
  • 2015-2023 Ecoboost Mustang

Dyno graph sponsorship results: 

JEM Sport let us borrow their stock Ecoboost to play with, we managed to pull off 359 WHP and 433 lb/ft of torque on an E30 tune - not bad for a car that still has a stock downpipe!
Recommended tuners: 

Frequently ask question: 

Q: What is the benefit of a higher operating pressure? 

A: The higher operating pressure of the HPFP allows you to run the fuel injector at a higher pressure, sometimes higher than stock commanded pressure. This allows more injector flow (mass flow) by running the same injector at a higher pressure, say 240 bar rather than 200 bar. Increased pressure at the injector improves spray quality and penetration especially as boost pressure increases in highly boosted engines. So it's all about injector capacity and combustion quality (spray quality). Interestingly enough and contrary to popular belief, increasing HPFP operating pressure actually decreases volumetric efficiency.  

Q: Why do your numbers say I will make less horsepower on E85 than 93 octane? 

A: Great question! The numbers we list in the product descriptions are similar to the numbers a turbo charger lists for air flow. The numbers are the "fuel system capacity to generate power" regardless of the other engine system limitations (air handling, mechanical limitations, knock propensity). Essentially the numbers are calculated assuming "sufficiently large air flow", "sufficiently capable mechanical assemblies" and disregarding knock limits. The equation uses actual observed engine volumetric efficiency (when available from sponsorship vehicles) and fuel capacity (including target pressures) to calculate power. Gasoline has more energy per mass volume than E85. So the higher fuel flow capacity will mathematically generate higher power potential for a gasoline than a high ethanol content fuel. The other variables (air flow, spark, rotating assembly strength, charge cooling, mechanical assembly strength) are highly variable from build to build. This is why we state horsepower capacity for the fuel system – representing the potential of the fuel system if you have all the other aspects of your build addressed!  

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