3.0L BMW S55 Stage 2 Bundle

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WHP Potential on Gasoline:
850 WHP
WHP Potential on E85:
630 WHP
Tune Requirement:
Recommended Tuning Suite:
EcuTek, Bootmod3, MHD
HPFP Flow Rate Increase Over Stock:
Stage 2 Injector Flow Rate Increase Over Stock:
Max Operating Pressure:

Want even more power out of your M3? The BMW S55 factory dual pump setup is already quite capable, however, there is always room for improvement.  This is where the Nostrum S55 HPFP kit comes in. Flowing 36% more fuel than stock, the Nostrum HPFP’s will provide you with more fuel earlier in the rpm range. This allows you to dial in more boost down low, allowing for more low end torque, reach your peak power sooner, and hold that peak power for longer.  The Nostrum HPFP kit requires no permanent modifications, allowing you to revert your vehicle to stock in the future. Being that these pumps are installed just like the OEM pumps, the installation is far less involved than a vacuum pump style kit. 

Also included in the bundle are a full set of Nostrum Stage 2 injectors.These are the largest injectors currently available on the market. They have been designed and tested to flow an incredible 55% more fuel than the stock S55 injectors, and 12% more fuel than the EU5 M5 injectors when compared to stock. That additional fuel flow allows for a significant increase in horsepower, with proper tuning. We estimate that these injectors will flow enough fuel to make over 900 wheel horsepower, and have already fueled more than 700 wheel horsepower vehicles -  without the need for secondary port or meth injection! Bundling the HPFP’s and injectors together turns the S55 into a monster of an engine!

Nostrum backs every part we sell with a limited lifetime warranty. All Nostrum products come complete with everything you need inside the box, including detailed installation instructions. Tuning guides are also available for your dealer or tuner. We have customer service and calibration engineers on staff to provide you with any support that you may need, from installation to tuning. 

Vehicle application list: 
  • BMW F82/F83 M4 
  • BMW F80 M3  
  • BMW F87 M2 Competition/CS 
Certified tuner: 
  • Bend Calibration
  • David Shoup
  • Paul Johnson Tuning

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Frequently ask questions:

Q: Is this pump kit compatible with aftermarket port/meth injection kits or the Dorch lift kit? 

A: Our pumps are not compatible with the Dorch lift kits. Due to the variety and variation in aftermarket supplemental fuel systems, we cannot guarantee fitment with all aftermarket parts. Certain meth injection systems will obstruct the installation of our pumps due to their injection plate before the intake manifold. For additional fuel capacity, we recommend bundlinge up to a Stage 2 or Stage 3 fuel bundle and avoid the complexities and risks with supplemental systems!  Known compatibility issues with: Dorch Lift Kit, Certain Water/Meth spray kits.

Q: My pump is making a chirping sound, is my car about to explode?

A:No, your car will not explode. The chirping sound is due to improper calibration and is caused by running fuel pressure above 18 MPa, which is the max operating pressure of these pumps. After extensive in-house vehicle development on multiple vehicles, our calibration team has addressed these scenarios and proper adherence to our tuning guide will eliminate any issues.


Q: Do the injectors require coding? 

A: To achieve the best performance from your Nostrum injectors we recommend coding them. Coding injectors will improve idle quality by removing compensations specific to your old injectors, which allows you to take full advantage of Nostrum’s batching process for a complete high quality driving experience. 

Q: What software can I use to code my injectors? 

A: You can code the injectors using BMW ISTA+, Autel MaxiSys service tools, ANSEL BM700, and potentially other service tools – Not validated by Nostrum 

Q: Do these flow more than the EU5 M5? 

A: The flow rate of these injectors is 12% higher than EU5 M5 injectors when compared to stock, and have the OEM equivalent spray pattern with the proper spray orientation for the S/N55 combustion system. 

Q: People say  the “spray pattern is bad and the flows are no good”.  

A: Every injector is production tested in our GDI machine and has more than 700 data points including multiple leak tests, multiple static flow rates, multiple dynamic flow rates, maximum operating pressure, maximum flow rate, opening & closing time, continuity, and resistance. This assures the individual injector quality.  

Every batch of 6 injectors is flow matched at 5 different data points to be sure the set is well within the +/-5% to set nominal flow rate. This assures the set flow performs with specification  

The spray pattern for stage 2 is an OEM equivalent spray pattern. The 6 hole spray targeted spray pattern is within 3% of the OEM cone angle and bend angle. This is validated on our HexCell spray patternation asset.  

High-load long duration engines failures have occurred on systems employing dual port meth injection to make-up the fueling for 800+ whp builds. For builds of that size, we recommend our stage 3 injectors as opposed to meth injection.

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