FA20 Stage 1 injector tuning guide

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This is our free tuning guide for the Nostrum FA20 upgraded direct injectors! Add this to your cart and check out like normal, and a download link will be sent to your email.

**This guide only works with the current injector part number H720-1813 - Injectors purchased before March 1, 2024 with a part number of H703-1254 will use the previous tuning data, contact us for the correct guide! **

**Warning: Do not attempt to tune your vehicle if you are not a certified tuner. These tuning guides are for the sole purpose of making your Nostrum High Performance product (FA20 Stage 1 DI Injector) function as intended, are not intended for building power for your vehicle build. To optimize power and torque on your vehicle, please go to a certified tuner. Nostrum is not liable for any damages that occur due to tuning errors.**

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